What is iSupport?

‘iSupport’ was developed by the World Health Organization as an online training and support programme for dementia carers to help them provide good care and take care of themselves. It aims to reduce stress and improve knowledge and the quality of life of people caring for a person living with dementia. 


Our research generated four versions of iSupport which are free to use. Each of these include five topics:

  1. Introduction to dementia
  2. Being a caregiver
  3. Caring for me
  4. Providing everyday care
  5. Dealing with behaviour changes

You can choose to work through the topics and content in turn or select the topics that are the most relevant and useful to you.

These websites were developed as part of the iSupport research programme, a collaboration led by Professor Gill Windle at Bangor University. They were copied from the online iSupport for dementia programme iSupportForDementia.org Version 1.0, World Health Organisation, Copyright (2018). Adapted and translated with kind permission from the WHO. 

The iSupport research programme was carried out across three countries in the UK.

Wales - Bangor University: Professor Gill Windle, Dr. Patricia Masterson Algar (lead of young carers adaptation), Dr. Zoe Hoare, Nia Goulden, Professor Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Dr. Carys Jones, Dr. Kat Algar-Skaife, Dr. Bethany Anthony, Greg Flynn, Gwenllian Hughes, Bethan Naunton Morgan (ESRC PhD student and lead of the rare dementias adaptation, supervised by Prof. Gill Windle and Dr. Carolien Lamers), Carers Trust Wales.

England - University College London: Professor Joshua Stott (co-lead for South Asian adaptation); Professor Aimee Spector (co-lead for South Asian adaptation), Emily Fisher, Danielle Proctor, Suman Kurana, Banika Ahuja, Afra Azadi, Aziza Begum, Saleyha Mahmood, Nuvera Mukaty, Gurmel Singh. Age UK Lancashire: Alison Read. Carers Centre Tower Hamlets: Graham Collins, Tony Collins-Moore. Dementia Pathfinders: .  Barbara Stephens. Lancashire BME Network: Nazma Islam-Khan. Touchstone Support: Gurbinder Virdee, Ripaljeet Kaur. 

Scotland - Strathclyde University: Dr. Kieren Egan, John Connaghan, Fatene Abakar Ismail, Ryan Innes, Alzheimer Scotland.

Adaptations to iSupport were made in Articulate Storyline 360 and Microsoft Word by Catherine Wasiuk, CNW853 Digital Learning Consultancy Ltd.

Images created by Sokyo Jung, studiosokyo.

The iSupport research programme was funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Public Health Research programme (project reference NIHR130914). The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the NIHR or the Department of Health and Social Care.

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If you are interested in translating and adapting any of our iSupport websites for your country, or discussing accessing related copyright material owned by Bangor University, please contact dsdc@bangor.ac.uk